Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing 22 Staying Current

This has been a really good learning experience for me. Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes challenging, sometimes even easy, but always interesting and intriguing. It has good pracitcal applications and I have already used what I've learned several times while helping people in the library.

To stay current, I want to make a notebook of the 23 Things. If I was an organized librarian, I would have started out that way, but I'm not, so I didn't. In my notebook, I want to log the different sites and skills that I've amassed and acquired with my own notes and login names and passwords, etc. That is what this blog is for? I still do better with paper, but the old way will help me with the new way. So I want to go through the 23 Things again. I want to set goals for myself and whittle away at the list. The 23 Things has helped me see what I do know and what I still need to learn. It'll be a curriculum that will constantly change and grow, but will keep me learning all the way.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to set this up for us. It was great.

Thing 21 Beyond My Space - Other Social Networks

I went to Gather. I joined Ning, though I haven't figured out what I'm doing there just yet. I also joined Web Junction, which I thought was a great way to network with other librarians.

I uploaded a photo into my Ning 23 Things page and left a message for someone. I can't figure out how to add a widget, so that is my current obsession. I did manage to get the Ning badge into my blog.
I am a member of 2 online knitting communities, though I must admit to be a lurker. I do get great ideas and inspiration from them. It's also good to see the problems that others' have and how they are solved. They are just like my live and in person knitting group, but in cyberspace.
I checked out some of the other online communities, but didn't feel compelled to join anymore. I'll lurk at the ones that interest me for a while.
I'm going to consider this Thing completed even though I am determined to figure out the widget thing. All in good time, I guess.

Thing 20 Facebook and My Space

I joined Facebook, added some Friends and joined the Librarians and Facebook group.

It's an interesting way of social networking, because a lot of work is done for you... finding friends with similar interests, finding things of interest in your profession or geographical area. I can see why people love this.

I checked out HCL's My Space page. A great way to reach people.

Thing 19 Podcasts

Here is a link to the grammar grater from MPR.

It discusses words that are current and in the news, such as caucus. It seemed a relevant site for reference librarians.
I also managed to subscribed to the rss feed in my bloglines account.

I checked out the Gcast, when one could record by phone and podcast it into a blog, but I'm going to pass on that option.
I often listen to public radio shows via podcast, so am familiar with it, moreso than most of the other Things I've explored. I methodically did the same searches on each directory. I thought all of the directories were pretty easy to use, except for podcast.net. It consistently took longer than the other sites and found more garbage than the other directories, making me hunt for what I was looking for. I don't think I will be using that one again. I also didn't like the menu driven EPN and gave up on that one pretty quickly.

This Thing has not inspired me to do any podcasting of my own, though I already do listen to podcasts. I wasn't aware of the directories, so that is useful information.

Thing 18 You Tube

March of the Librarians - no, I did not see any Minnesota Librarians that I recognized.

A video from Google video on Web 2.0 can be found here:


I couldn't find anywhere to click About this video, but I did click on Find Related Videos to get other similar ones. OK, went to YouTube and found this video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsa5ZTRJQ5w and did find About this video to see the tags.

For the Google video, I simply copied and pasted the url into my blog, but I did follow the instructions and copied the embedded url to paste into my blog for the YouTube video.

I chose the subject Web 2.0, because I wanted to stay on topic. I picked these 2 videos because they were short and similar to the examples in this Thing.

HCL could do videos of readers talking about their books for the BookSpace page. It would add a new dimension to the reader reviews on the site.

Thing 17 ELM Productivity Tools

I set up an rss feed for new articles on smoking. I wasn't aware of this feature and can see where it would be very helpful for research papers, or any research in general.

I also listened to the first part of the NPR story on children's lack of sleep, but didn't see how to do the rss feed. Again, I didn't know it was possible and found it very cool.

I created a web page in Ebsco in Academic Search Premier. Found some articles and some photos and added them to my web page. I saved it to my computer.

I found the articles in Proquest about social networking and sent them to my friend Meg, who got me started on the 23 things adventure. I use Proquest a lot, but have never explored these extra features, so this really has been a learning experience for me.

I also created a netlibrary account and added a note to a page and saved it to Favorites and Notes.

All these things would be a great help to someone doing extended research. Also, very good for collaborations. A helpful thing indeed.

Thing 16 Student 2.0 Tools

These tools are very impressive and it would have been wonderful to have access to such guides while in school. These would be very helpful to have as handouts for students doing projects. A link on the Teen site would be great too.

It would even be good for professionals when giving presentations, because the guidance would be helpful and the timeline might keep a procratinator on track. But then again, maybe not.